Happy Friday. Enjoy something fresh and good.

Start your weekend morning with something fresh, natural and fragrant. There’s just so much goodness at the Farmers’ Market. When you walk past the stalls, you can’t help but feel that all is right with the world when you smell freshly baked bread or the pure scent of lavender essential oils. And the colors. It’s…


Stand up, lift yourself up, get up and go, do, be, and just begin. As the sun constantly rises and shines in the morning, so must you. So get ready to shine bright. Keep moving forward – left foot, right foot, one step at a time. Do more, do better, be more than you thought…

Let go

Sure, I’ll hang on to that cute, black cocktail dress I wore 10 years ago. I haven’t gone on a run lately but I’m sure my pink, Asics running shoes are still good. After all, I haven’t worn it since the 2013 Race for the Arts fun run. I have a total of 1,914 unread…

Say Goodbye to Summer

Well this is it, just like that, your time is finally coming to an end. I won’t miss the triple digit temperatures you bring, but I will miss the little pleasures that come with your golden rays.

Pause. Look back.

An invisible enemy changed how we lived our daily lives in 2020. How else do you go about living life when it’s not even safe to take a deep breath to calm yourself down?

Keep it alive

To this day, more than two years later, this plant continues to thrive in its small pot at home with me. Because as long as I keep it alive, fond memories of my Dad will always continue to be a part of my life.

Pause. Blow bubbles.

Just relax. Watch the clear, glassy bubbles dance and drift away towards wherever the wind takes them.

Dance your heart out

Keep dancing through life. One beat at a time, one step at a time. Go ahead—swing, sway, tap, pop and lock, glide or leap.

Place your hand over your heart

Celebrate freedom, honor and patriotism on the Fourth of July with these inspiring reminders. “How will I honor their memory? By remembering to rise and place my hand over my heart when our national anthem is played. I will look up to the flag with pride as it waves gently in the wind.” – From…