Honor your heroine

Whether it’s Wonder Woman or the everyday women in your life, remember to honor your heroines and let their ideals guide you as you dream, love, and live.


Always remember

On 9/11, may we all honor the memory of lives lost and the bravery of those who ran towards danger in order to save lives and chronicle the day’s events so memories of loved ones can live on in our hearts.

Go fly a kite

Before summer comes to an end, go fly a kite and celebrate the wind, blue skies, and let it soar with your spirit, hopes and dreams.

Dance your heart out

In celebration of National Dance Day, step out, take a chance, follow where your spirit is taking you, let loose, set your heart and soul free, and let go of your insecurities.

Remember them

For all the freedoms we enjoy while living in this great country of ours—remember our fallen soldiers and say “thank you.”

A Mother’s Day Wish

A whole new world opens up when you’re a teenager. This Mother’s Day, let me wish you love, joy and the courage to always be yourself.

Capture a moment in time

Here’s to living a life that will fill our photo frames, hearts and minds with memorable moments.