What brings me joy, inspiration and a sense of wonderment.

Sunrise bringing joy

Collect Life is my way of gathering all my favorite content and images from various writers, photographers, bloggers, organizations and individuals so I can have one place to look when I need a quick dose of inspiration, creativity, laughter, motivation, enlightenment and ambition.

It’s also my space for self-expression and creativity, where I can share in my own words what has brought me joy, inspiration and sense of wonderment about life and our world.

Through Collect Life, I will have a guide for living my best life, to discover new passions and to always appreciate what I have. It will encourage me to be strong in mind, body and spirit—and in doing so, I can be the best I can be at what I love doing the most—being the best wife, mother, daughter, sister, auntie, and friend anyone could ever have.


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