Pause. Remember 9/11.


Today, take time to pause for a moment of silence—and remember.

Remember those who lost their lives and those who gave their lives to save others. For a few moments, hold them close to your heart and silently remember them with what brings your spirit peace—whether it’s a quiet thought, a prayer, or extending a hand to hold for those you care about.

Honor the memory of those who are no longer with us by keeping love and hope alive.

Take off your hat when singing the national anthem. Sing in unison with everyone. Sing loud and with pride.

Make a difference in your community. Engage in a cause you believe in and mobilize others to take action.

Let your voice be heard when it’s time to vote.

Go to school. Be excited about learning something new. The future of our country depends on it.

Whether you are looking for a job or have a job, perform it with optimism and do it well. The future of our country also depends on it.

Most importantly, hold those you love and care about near and dear to your heart.

Have dinner together as a family. Don’t forget to give your loved one a goodbye kiss before leaving for work in the morning. Give your child a big hug before they go to school.

Call instead of sending a text or e-mail. Let them hear the warmth of your voice. Let them hear your heart smile. Call more often.  Call a friend to meet for coffee.

Go after your dream. Step out and dance. Laugh more. Celebrate.  Enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Be silly.

Continue to live, love, learn, and dream. By doing so, you honor the memory of those who perished and offer a ray of hope to their families and loved ones.

Close your eyes for a moment. Be silent. Reflect. Remember. Live life.


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