Happy Friday!


It’s Friday! Make your plans for a great weekend!

Stop by your local farmer’s market. You’ll be glad you did after you take that first bite of a juicy, sweet plum or a ripe, red tomato. Buy yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers from a local grower. The colors will instantly lift your spirit.

Ride your bike. Take a walk with a friend. Sit on a bench and feed the ducks by the lake. Go to the playground with your kids. Swing like a monkey on the bars, go up and down on the see-saw, and go down the slide together.

Pack a picnic basket and a blanket. Enjoy a concert at the park.

Invite your friends to the house to watch one of the most-hyped fights in boxing history on pay-per-view. If your buddies already made other plans, invite your Dad or Grandpa at the last minute. You’ll be surprised and amused to see how loud and fired up they can get in their old age. You’ll be even more surprised when you realize how much fun it is to hang out with them.

Check out the garage sale down the street. The thrill of finding a good deal on something that’s impractical and non-utilitarian, but cute and unique, can be quite exhilarating.

Try a new recipe. It’s never too early to plan something yummy to warm the tummy on Thanksgiving Day.

Go to the library or download one of the top five best-selling books on your iPad. Feed your mind. Take your time reading the Sunday paper while having a cup of coffee.

As a matter of fact, take your time doing anything.

Wait for the sun to rise. Watch the sun as it sets at the end of the day.

Enjoy life’s simple pleasures. This weekend, allow yourself to feel refreshed and reenergized to start a new week.

Happy Friday!


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