Celebrate the colors of fall


It’s my favorite season of the year.

I love seeing the gold, red, and orange colors of the leaves, the pumpkin patches, and the produce at your local farmer’s market.



I look forward to unveiling my very first freshly baked pumpkin pie of the season, straight out of the oven—all in its orange and golden brown glory.

Our neighborhood has a warm glow at night with purple and orange lights lining the bushes, trees, and homes on our street. Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, scarecrows and harvest wreaths adorn the front lawns.

The colors of fall can simply take your breath way. Go out and enjoy it by yourself or with your friends and loved ones.

And when you’re enjoying the view, be present in the moment, and be grateful for this glorious gift from nature.

And of course, remember to bring your camera and snap away!

Happy fall!

Visit my fall photos on Flickr or My Photography board on Pinterest.


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  1. mariadyan says:

    I love fall! I always feel so much more relaxed this time of year (even though my job is insane this time of year!) I’m not sure if it is the sweater weather or the fact that everything has cinnamon and pumpkin in it, but this really is the best time of year!


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