Celebrate the season

20131225-195234.jpg It’s that lovely time of the year filled with joy, fun and wonder. The holidays have their own special meaning to each and every one of us.

For me, it’s about simply being together with our families and loved ones. My warm thoughts go to those who are unable to be with their loved ones this time of the year.

It’s about baking cookies together and eating them while sitting in front of the tree. Each ornament has a special meaning, showcasing vacation destinations, homemade art and photos of family and loved ones.

The warm glow of elaborate Christmas light displays in various neighborhoods bring a smile to our faces. Cars drive up and down streets or people walk around with their young children, squealing with delight as they walk past the more animated displays.

After three consecutive days of family gatherings, it was nice to spend Christmas Day at home. We opened presents, called friends and families to wish them a Merry Christmas then, we simply laid on the couch, watched a movie and a marathon of our favorite reality show and took a nap right next to each other. It’s the season of togetherness.

For those who can’t be with you, let your hearts, spirit and memories bring you together.

May you all enjoy love and togetherness this holiday season!




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