Pause. Have some dessert.

Pause. Have some dessert.

When life gets tough or you’re having a rough day, take a sweet break. Your taste buds and soul will suddenly feel invigorated, giving you that little nudge to get up, try again, stay positive, smile and live life.  It’s a sweet reminder that everything’s going to be alright.

A slice of pie brings back warm memories of family gatherings and celebrations. An ice cream cone reminds you someone will always be there for you because of a childhood memory of your mom running back inside the ice cream shop to quickly replace that one scoop that somehow fell off your cone. You’ll suddenly feel like a winner when you have a root beer float—because that’s how you celebrated after running your very first half marathon.

It can be sweet and creamy or smothered with frosting. Perhaps a chocolate or buttercream filling? Ever had shaved ice cream that melts in your mouth? No matter how you like it, served warm or cold. Whether you lick it, scoop it or slice it, there’s no denying that a sweet treat, even just one small bite, can bring a little bit of joy in your life.

Give your mind and spirit a sweet break. You’ll find calm and comfort in the simplest of pleasures.


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  1. Snehal Kank says:

    Wow! looking so yummy!


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