Add some glitter in your life

Colorful bottle of glitter glue with caption that says add some glitter in your life.

Add some glitter and pizzazz in your life. You’ll be surprised at how a new adventure, small or spectacular, can add a spring to your step, make your heart jump for joy, or quickly turn your frown upside down.

Instead of sticking to your usual nude shades, choose a bright red lipstick. Buy those neon orange, brand name running shoes you like—even if they’re not on sale. Sometimes, something bold and bright is all you need for an extra boost of confidence.

Give ice skating a try. You’ll stumble, slip and fall at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be floating on ice, gliding smoothly and gracefully.

It’s never too late to learn how to ride a bike—no matter how old you are. So go ahead, hop on, make your escape, and ride all your cares away.

Travel to places you’ve never been, join a dance class, or run your first half marathon. Splurge a little bit and buy front row tickets to a concert or enjoy the full major league baseball experience and get tickets to lower level seats behind the dugout.

Say “yes” to whipped cream when ordering your mocha frappucino.  Add a couple more strings of outdoor lights during the holidays. Add mint leaves when you pour yourself an iced tall glass of water.

It’s sparkly and colorful, shiny and bright, glitzy and glamorous. It stirs up nothing but fun and an extra burst of joy! You can’t help but feel good and happy. That’s what glitter is all about. Always remember to add some glitter in your life.


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