Look closer


Vivid_collectlifeI was at a small local art gallery last fall when I walked by this stunning stained-glass window.

I was completely captivated and stood there for a moment, admiring the rich, vibrant colors casting a soft glow of natural light from outside.

After taking a picture, I started to walk away when I noticed one clear window pane. I walked up closer, looked outside, and from there I could see, standing in all its brilliant glory, the red, orange and gold leaves of this magnificent tree across the street.

I realized I would have missed seeing something just as equally, if not, more stunning if I continued to walk away after solely admiring the bright, vivid hues of the stained-glass window that was right in front of me.

It’s easy to miss something truly beautiful and compelling when we’re in a mad rush to get on with our daily lives. We only see what we have time to see and quickly move on without taking a moment to look closer, deeper, understand or reflect.

The next time your child shows you their latest work of art using color pencils and crayons, admire the colors and technique but also pay attention to the sense of joy and pride they must be feeling for such an accomplishment.

The sweet smile you see on your best friend’s face is more captivating than her gorgeous, crystal-encrusted gown everyone else is ogling on her wedding day.

When you’re busy snapping away photos of breathtaking views, remember to pause, be in the moment, and let the views take your breath away.

Sometimes, we have to look beyond what’s immediately obvious, shiny, flashy and vivid—in order to closely see something meaningful, true and enduring.

via Daily Prompt: Vivid


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  1. Anne Sandler says:

    Beautifully written and so true.


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