Pause. Listen to something smooth and breezy.

15 Smooth Jazz Artists for a Relaxing Day

It’s smooth and breezy, calm and easy. Call it “elevator music” if you want but for me, smooth jazz—a subgenre of jazz music—can easily put your heart and mind at ease or let your soul move and groove to the untroubled and flowing sounds of the saxophone, guitar, keyboard, or trumpet.

Even the few remaining radio stations devoting full-time or weekend smooth jazz programming are appropriately named something soft and soothing like The Wave and The Seabreeze along with cable/satellite subscription stations like Watercolors and Impressions.

Smooth jazz is simply a great accompaniment for a rainy day, relaxing with your cup of Sunday morning coffee, or watching the sun rise and set.

Listening to my favorite smooth jazz track provides the perfect elixir for a calm and easy day. It’s my “something good’s gonna happen” music, which is how I feel while listening to You Make Me Smile performed by my all-time favorite smooth jazz artist, Dave Koz.

In celebration of Jazz Appreciation Month during April, pause, relax, put your feet up, and check out my 15 favorite smooth jazz artists and their songs on YouTube or iTunes to enjoy a smooth, breezy, carefree day:

  1. “Faces of the Heart” by saxophonist Dave Koz
  2. “It’s Always Been You” and “Do You Feel What I’m Feeling” by saxophonist Warren Hill
  3. “For the Love of You” and “Lullaby” by guitarist Peter White
  4. “High Five” by guitarist Marc Antoine
  5. “Rain” by saxophonist Mindi Abair
  6. “Send One Your Love” and “It’s All Good” by saxophonist Boney James
  7. “Breezin’” by guitarist and singer/songwriter George Benson
  8. “Closer to Your Love” by singer/musician Al Jarreau
  9. “Any Love” by saxophonist Kirk Whalum
  10. “A Summer Night’s Dream” and “Movin’ On” by saxophonist Euge Groove
  11. “In the Groove” and “Street Beat” by saxophonist Richard Elliot
  12. “One Heart One Love” and “Closer to Heaven” by singer/songwriter Phil Perry
  13. “A Very Good Thing” and “Missing in Venice” by jazz trumpet player Rick Braun
  14. “Secret Forest” and “Under Northern Lights” by keyboardist Keiko Matsui
  15. “Forever Dreamin’” and “Moments in Time” by keyboardist Paul Hardcastle

Via Daily Prompt: Elixir

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