A Mother’s Day Wish

A whole new world opens up when you’re a teenager. This Mother’s Day, let me wish you love, joy and the courage to always be yourself.

Life was much simpler for you when you were a toddler. You simply wake up, have breakfast, watch your favorite cartoons and play.

But you’re at an age now when your eyes are wide open to everything around you and in you. Believe it or not, this stage of your life is preparing you for life in years ahead.

This time of your life is about discipline, discovery, challenges, changes, responsibilities, choices, and insecurities. It’s all part of learning about who you are, what’s important to you, who’s important to you, what you believe in and which road to take that will someday lead you to your dreams.

This is also a time for fun, friendships and accomplishments.  

It’s a time for having a blast with family and best friends. It’s lazy summer days in the pool, watching your favorite band in concert, or experimenting with hair and makeup techniques.

It’s about getting an A+ on your math test after a week of studying all night. It’s finally nailing that triple pirouette at ballet class or hearing the joyous applause after your performance during the school’s spring orchestra concert.

I’ve never seen a smile as beautiful as yours. It won’t surprise me that this will be a time when you might start noticing that a special someone thinks you’re someone special.

It’s about beating your Dad playing Game Pigeon and making a cranberry jello salad on Thanksgiving morning with me.

And, it’s about how happy your Dad and I feel when you like spending a Saturday night watching a movie at home with us.

You’ll have days when you’ll feel overwhelmed, confused, sad or disappointed. But that’s okay because those kind of days eventually pass and they will be outnumbered by all the other days when you’ll feel you’re living the best life ever.

Just remember you’ll always have the capacity to live your best life and be your best self if you remember to:

Be happy with who you are.

Never doubt yourself. Believe you are good enough, smart enough and strong enough. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Just be your own unique self. Remember these wise words from Winnie the Pooh, “The things that make me different are the things that make me.”

Always look for beauty and joy wherever you are.

Look up, look around. There’s always something to smile about. Even Snoopy once said, “Keep looking up. That’s the secret of life.” If you don’t look up, you’ll miss the pink and gold sunset as we drive by the park, that house with the beautiful bay window, or the trees swaying gently on a lazy spring afternoon.

You’ll miss seeing so much life and joy going on when you keep your head down. The ducks gliding gently on the pond, the mom lovingly holding her little girl’s hand as they cross the street, the high school kids laughing and having a great time walking downtown dressed in their beautiful prom attire, the cute dog peeking out the window in the car next to us.

Take a chance.

Just begin. Start somewhere. Give it a try. Don’t be afraid to experience something you’ve never done before. As long as it doesn’t pose a threat to your health, safety and moral or physical well-being, if it’s something that excites you, brings a smile to your face, gives you a sense of pride, then by all means, give it your best shot.

Always remember this—whatever it is you want to do, decide that you’ll do well and you will. Your mind is more powerful than you think. Walt Disney once said, “ First, think. Second, believe. Third, dream. And finally, dare.”

There will be more life lessons to share as both you and I grow older. The learning never stops, even for someone my age. You’ll find out life always presents opportunities to learn something new—and make you stronger, more confident, find the true meaning of love and friendship, become more resourceful, stay humble, worry less, and be happy.

Here’s to us growing older, learning together and living the best life imaginable.

Happy Mother’s Day to me!


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