Tickle your taste buds

Taste a little bit of happiness with these unique summer ice cream treats

July is National Ice Cream Month! How do you like your ice cream? Light and fluffy? Inside a doughnut? Or over shaved ice? These are not quite your traditional ice cream sundaes but they’re fun, unique, delightful, and in some cases, laugh-out-loud delicious.

So, chill out, leave your worries behind, have a fireworks celebration in your mouth, and add these frozen treats to your “summer fun” to-do list:

Shaved Snow

Shaved snow is a unique summer ice cream treat
Shaved snow is lighter, fluffier and melts in your mouth.

No, it’s not shaved ice. Shaved snow is lighter and fluffier. Originating in Taiwan, this melt-in-your-mouth snowy dessert is refreshing and comes in a variety of unique flavor combinations and toppings. Vampire Penguin, with locations in Northern California, plates their shaved snow desserts in the most Instagram-worthy manner that you can’t help but admire the sheer artistry before you dig in with your spoon. If you’re looking for something more familiar, S’mores, Strawberry Cheesecake or Tuxedo shaved snow will easily satisfy your sweet tooth. Be a dessert daredevil and try the Snow Tiger, a Thai tea and milk tea flavored shaved frozen delight topped with crushed Oreos and condensed milk or, Mexican Candy, with mango shaved snow, fresh watermelons, caramel sauce, chamoy and chili powder. If you don’t live in Northern California, you’ll find shaved snow shops in Los Angeles, Washington D.C., New York and Las Vegas.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Colorful puffy balls known as Dragon's Breath is a unique summer ice cream treat.
Take a bite of these cold, colorful cereal puff balls frozen with liquid nitrogen.

Don’t be surprised to see people giggling or taking videos and selfies as they enjoy their newly purchased cup of Dragon’s Breath from Chocolate Chair at the Japan Center Mall in San Francisco. Take a bite of these cold, colorful cereal puff balls frozen with liquid nitrogen and poof! Your nose and mouth will be spewing puffs of smoke, just like a fire-breathing dragon! Keep talking or laughing and the experience becomes even more enhanced as clouds of smoke surround you and your friends while enjoying this refreshing cool treat. What’s so funny you might ask? Just do a query search on YouTube for “dragon’s breath chocolate chair” to see how much fun you can have while consuming a cup of Dragon’s Breath.

Ice cream-filled doughnuts

Ice cream filled donut is a unique summer ice cream treat.
An ice cream-filled doughnut can be a deliriously delightful dessert

If it’s a sin to combine ice cream and a doughnut in one deliriously delightful dessert then I guess I won’t be going to heaven! The Parlor offers Ice Cream Puffs in a variety of custom ice cream flavors. Want a bite of a doughnut and coffee at the same time? My mouth starts drooling with the mere thought of a doughnut filled with Midnight in Paris, a creamy coffee ice cream with hazelnut swirls. Ice cream-filled doughnuts may be a delightfully sinful treat but it sure tastes heavenly!

Halo Halo

This popular Filipino dessert cools you down instantly on a hot summer day. Usually served in a tall glass, Halo Halo (“halo” means “”mix” in Tagalog) is filled with a “mix”  of tropical fruit, sweet beans, preserved young coconut strings (macapuno) coconut gel cubes, jackfruit, lychee, purple yam jam, flan, and evaporated milk poured over shaved ice that fills the glass to the brim. It’s topped off with a scoop of purple yam (ube) ice cream and a little bit of rice krispies (pinipig). I’ve seen people methodically starting from the top by eating the scoop of ice cream first then, work their way down however, I believe you get full enjoyment eating this icy treat by stirring everything in the glass until combined.  It can be quite messy to eat but that’s part of the fun! So just go for it,  swirl it around with your spoon so you get all of the good stuff at the bottom of the glass. There’s no way you’ll still feel hot and sweaty after eating a tall glass of Halo Halo!

Practice being mindful by paying attention to yourself and others once the first scoop of ice cream or any frozen treat tickles the taste buds. You’ll instantly see and feel your troubles melt away followed by comforting sighs of “Uhhmm” and “Aahhs.”

This summer, when the triple-digit temperatures are wearing you out, just remember the simple pleasures of life and relax, unwind and cool things down with your favorite frozen sweet treat.

Stay cool!


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  1. dunelight says:

    Oh, how beautiful, oh, the calories…


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