Say Goodbye to Summer

Dear summer,

Well this is it, just like that, your time is finally coming to an end. I won’t miss the triple digit temperatures you bring, but I’ll miss the little pleasures that come with your golden rays.

I’ll miss the gentle kiss of the morning sun’s rays on my face as I water my violas on the front porch. A hot cup of coffee to start my day is good, but a sip of a tall, cold brew from the local coffee shop on a slow, summer afternoon energizes me and wakes up my senses.

Morning walks around the lake at 7:00 a.m. feels just right. Because daylight seems to go on forever, we can go on an after-dinner walk and still be home before it gets dark.

I’ll miss wearing my super-comfy floral sundresses and loose-fitting shirt dresses. It just feels so cool and liberating when you feel the breeze gently brushing against your bare legs.

See you next year for water balloon fights and super soakers, shorts and flip flops, county fairs, flower gardens, backyard barbecues and picnics at the park.

We’ll miss trips to the Saturday farmer’s market to get sweet, juicy berries, feeling the warm sand under our feet, and licking ice cream cones before they melt.

Maybe next year, when we can all breathe freely without fearing a transmissible respiratory virus, we can all have unlimited gatherings with friends and loved ones and enjoy summer concerts, parades, weddings, birthday parties – indoors and outdoors – just everyone being together, breathing in the same clean and clear air.

Goodbye summer! See you next year!

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