Pause. Listen to something smooth and breezy.

Let smooth jazz put your heart and mind at ease or let your soul move and groove during Jazz Appreciation Month.


Lucky or blessed?

Remember the difference between feeling lucky and being blessed.

Live simply

Easy, straightforward, effortless, minimal, simple. How do you keep life less complicated?

Look closer

Look beyond what’s immediately obvious, shiny, flashy and vivid—in order to closely see something meaningful, true and enduring.

Let music soothe your soul

Music lifts our spirits and soothes our soul, helps ease our pain, calm our fears, and strengthen our faith in our dreams and all that is good.


Take a deep breath, clear your mind and increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

Pause. Have some tea.

Sit still, breathe in the sweet fragrance. Let each sip soothe your soul. Relax and unwind. Take a break.

Catch that fall feeling

Enjoy the cool and crisp weather, sights, smells and sounds of fall before the red and gold leaves have left their branches and pumpkin patches are replaced by Christmas tree lots.